We are taking care of each case as it would be our own. From small companies to big ones, and from private persons to public sector. Client satisfaction is a primary factor for us.


Valtteri Hasa, Partner

Expertise: Banking and Finance, Insolvency, Contract Law, Risk Management.

  • Education * LL.M, University of Helsinki.
  • Languages * Finnish, * English, * Swedish.
  • Career * Aktia Bank Plc: Credit Manager, * SAS Institute: Senior Advisor, Risk Management * SEB Kort: Credit Manager, Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel * Suomen Palkkiopalvelu Ltd, Chairman of the Board.

Antti Korpela, Senior Advisor

Expertise: Dispute Resolution, Contract Law, Damages, Labour Law, Sports and Entertainment Law.

  • Education * LL.M, University of Helsinki.
  • Languages * Finnish, * English, * Swedish.
  • Career * Krogerus Attorneys Ltd: Attorney at Law, * Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co Ltd, Attorneys at Law: Attorney at Law.

Teemu Vartiainen, Partner

Expertise: Corporate and Commercial Law, Accounting, Finance, Debt Collection, Housing Law

  • Education * LL.M, University of Helsinki * M.Sc (econ.), Helsinki School of Economics
  • Languages * Finnish, * English.
  • Career * Eximia Ltd: Lecturer, Teacher (Accounting, Business Law, Finance, Labour Law, Mathemathics, Tax Law), * Suomen Kotijäätelö Ltd: Associate Lawyer.

Nils-Henrik Wasenius, Senior Counsel

Expertise: International Trade and Contracts, Bankruptcy, Family and Inheritance Law, Debt Collection, Contract Law.

  • Education *LL.M, University of Helsinki, * Trained on the Bench.
  • Languages * Finnish, * Swedish, * English, * German, * French, * Spanish.
  • Career * Lexia Attorneys Ltd, Of Counsel: * Heikkilä & Co Attorneys Ltd, Attorney at Law: * Seppälä & Wasenius Attorneys Ltd: Attorney at Law, CEO, * Finnpro: Lawyer.
  • Memberships and affiliations * Business Mentor * Member of the Association of Finnish Lawyers * Member of the Finnish Businessmen Association * Member of the Finnish Association for Business Administration * Member of the Finnish Club * Member of the Atlantic Counsil of Finland * Lions Club Kaivopuisto, ex-president * Member of the Monaco-Finland Association * Taxpayers Association of Finland, District Representative * For his merit Central Chamber of Commerce Golden Decoration.   

Petteri Hasa, Chairman of the Board

Expertise: Corporate Governance, Start Up Companies.

  • Language * Finnish, * English, * Estonian.
  • Career * Suomen Palkkiopalvelu Ltd: CEO, * Hasa Bros Ltd: Chairman of the Board.